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Designed for everyone from lifelong Amateur Radio enthusiasts to those folks who can't tell a ham radio from a holiday dinner, "Ham On!" is a compendium of interesting interviews with local radio hobbists. Combined with news, information on how to get started, and some surprises, "Ham On!" is for anyone who wants to get meta with their radios!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. HaM ON 10-7-20

    Steve Giansiracusa graphic design @dev1lish1_edits insragram [email protected] ...


  2. ham on 9-30-20

    space weather and carrington event ...


  3. Ham on 9-23-20

    joe walsh bob heil interview complete ...


  4. ham on 9-16-2020

    space weather ham radio 101 and joe walsh and bob heil ...


  5. Ham on 9-9-20

    space weather and intro to digital modes ...